Automate Your Auditing Settings

  • Offload Summary
    This audit gathers the data collected from the total offload for each CPcode (grouped by extension or URL), the perc (percentage) of traffic that each CPcode represents to the total hits of all CPcodes reviewed, total bytes served and offloaded, and an extension offload summary for each of the CPcodes. You can view the output in ‘xlsx’ format.

Account Summary

Offload Summary

There are two types of offload summaries that we offer: Account offload and CPcode by extension. Below, you’ll see an example of each.

Account offload summary

CPcode summary by extension

  • Add the API credentials with access to the Property Manager API (PAPI) In your ~/.edgerc file under a section called ‘papi’ (or indicate the ‘ — section’ parameter followed by the section name if you use something else than ‘papi’).
  • Ensure you have python 3.x.
  • As a pre-installation step, please add the libraries that are required.


pip install -r requirements.txt


python3 [parameters]

Account audit example

python3 --type as

Offload summary example

python3 --type os --start {YYYY-MM-DD} --end {YYYY-MM-DD} --cpcodes {CPCODE_1} {CPCODE_2} {CPCODE_3}

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